As you walk back out into the town, you feel a strange sense of familiarity, however all the roads and buildings are somewhat different. Large glass-fronted buildings stand where once there were small houses, and the surfaces of the roads are much smoother than you remember. Pretty soon, these distracting differences are enough to cause you to lose your way and you are sure you have been walking in circles

Fill the clues in to the grid starting at the positions given for each clue. Each answer then spirals around that starting square either clockwise or anticlockwise - this information is not given to you. Each clue does however tell you which direction the next letter is from the starting square, where U/D/L/R is Up/Down/Left/Right. After finishing the grid, you will be able to read out one more clue from words spelled out in the grid, which gives you the one-word answer to the puzzle.

A9DOuter cover or enclosure (6)
B2DUnable to pay debts (8)
B4UHow much a container can hold (8)
B6UName, caption (5)
C7DNearby? (8)
C9LLosing something (10)
D3DSection of a book (7)
E2LTake away (6)
E4UKnee bone (7)
E7UAbove the clouds, religiously? (6)
E9LMale shop assistants? (8)
F9RMultiple untidy things (6)
G4RVerdi opera (9)
G5UFirst of something (8)
G8UPart of a symphony (8)
H2LViral Internet image (4)
H6UStart of a fire (8)
I2UGraduated students (6)
I4UJoining (7)
I6DCause of scratching (7)
I10LCollections of sacred books (6)
J8UDirectors' yell! (6)

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